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Historical Statistics

Historical Statistics

The files on this page open in Google Earth. Some of the Google Earth files on this page contain a lot of content and may crash Google Earth or cause older computers to stop responding. You should save all of your work before viewing these files.

The data for a particular basin is recreated when a storm that was active in that particular basin becomes inactive.

North Atlantic Basin

  1851 - 2024

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Best Tracks

The entire track of a storm with colored lines representing wind speeds. Best track lines are based solely on wind speed, not development type, since some older storms do not have any development type noting what positions are tropical, subtropical, and no longer tropical.

Origin Points

The location where a depression or storm first developed.
  • All   -   (Depression)
  • Storm   -   34 kt (39 mph)

Development Points

The location where a storm became a hurricane or major hurricane.

Best Tracks for a Certain Category Only

Only the category of the category file you are looking at is shown. The entire track of a storm is not shown. This is useful to determine, for example, where a certain type of hurricane has previously gone.