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City Coordinates

City Coordinates

This site uses coordinates of certain cities and locations for different purposes, such as the distance a city is from a particular storm.

The calculated distance from the center position of the storm or an observation point to any location (usually a city) is only an estimate. This figure is not given by the National Hurricane Center (NHC). It is independently calculated. Using the coordinates of the tropical entity from an NHC product or observation coordinates from a reconnaissance flight, we calculate the distance from that coordinate to the nearest major city in our database. For locations in the United States, we use the coordinates given by the U.S. Census Bureau's 2000 census. (Except the coordinates for Cape Hatteras, NC, which is actually for the lighthouse, which comes from the National Park Service.) For other locations around the Atlantic basin, we used Google Earth, which we found to be highly reliable. When compared with other data, Google Earth was usually the most accurate. In fact, Google Earth seemed to be even more accurate for some locations in the United States, though we decided to go with was officially listed at the U.S. Census Bureau.

The latitudes and longitudes below are still only estimates of where the center is of a city. A city, like a storm, is not a single point. Our city coordinates may be several miles off from an actual official city center (if there is one).

Usually, the most recognized English form of each location is what is listed on this site. For example, rather than "La Habana, Cuba," we give the city name as "Havana, Cuba."


The Valley 18.224902N 63.066869W Map

Antigua and Barbuda

Saint John's 17.117528N 61.845557W Map

Aruba (NLD)

Oranjestad 12.524580N 70.026459W Map

Azores (PRT)

Ponta Delgada 37.746300N 25.666849W Map


Nassau 25.066127N 77.339025W Map


Bridgetown 13.093500N 59.610499W Map


Belize City 17.497713N 88.186654W Map

Bermuda (GBR)

Hamilton 32.301079N 64.799263W Map

British Virgin Islands (GBR)

Road Town 18.432839N 64.623486W Map


New Brunswick

Saint John 45.280563N 66.076274W Map

Newfoundland and Labrador

St. John's 47.576727N 52.701129W Map

Nova Scotia

Halifax 44.665834N 63.619571W Map


Ottawa 45.411572N 75.698194W Map
Toronto 43.670824N 79.388483W Map


Montréal 45.496457N 73.584812W Map
Québec 46.802071N 71.244926W Map

Canary Islands (ESP)

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 28.127171N 15.43145W Map

Cape Verde

Praia 14.923310N 23.521191W Map

Cayman Islands (GBR)

George Town 19.302180N 81.385732W Map


Bogotá 4.609866N 74.08205W Map
Cartagena 10.413730N 75.533577W Map

Costa Rica

San José 9.927128N 84.082012W Map


Camagüey 21.385900N 77.913544W Map
Cienfuegos 22.149969N 80.44368W Map
Havana 23.116800N 82.388557W Map
Pinar del Río 22.425280N 83.6875W Map
Santiago de Cuba 20.028891N 75.828987W Map


Roseau 15.297606N 61.39003W Map

Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo 18.479014N 69.890784W Map

El Salvador

San Salvador 13.706881N 89.20181W Map


Saint George 12.065260N 61.744888W Map

Guadeloupe (FRA)

Basse Terre 15.998503N 61.72202W Map


Guatemala 14.624795N 90.532818W Map


Georgetown 6.804611N 58.154831W Map


Port-au-Prince 18.539269N 72.336408W Map


Tegucigalpa 14.097080N 87.210985W Map


Kingston 17.992731N 76.792009W Map


Baja California

Ensenada 31.869356N 116.593629W Map
Mexicali 32.64557N 115.445342W Map
San Felipe 31.025071N 114.840778W Map
Tijuana 32.533489N 117.018204W Map

Baja California Sur

Cabo San Lucas 22.866667N 109.883333W Map
Ciudad Constitución 25.033882N 111.656621W Map
Guerrero Negro 27.96541N 114.057701W Map
La Paz 24.138533N 110.317379W Map
Loreto 26.011756N 111.347753W Map
Santa Rosalía 27.336194N 112.270149W Map


Campeche 19.849835N 90.523899W Map


Tapachula 14.907486N 92.261702W Map
Tuxtla Gutiérrez 16.747868N 93.112583W Map


Chihuahua 28.632492N 106.080177W Map


Torreón 25.544359N 103.4272W Map

Distrito Federal

México City 19.410636N 99.130588W Map


Acapulco 16.863821N 99.889702W Map


Guadalajara 20.67359N 103.343803W Map
Puerto Vallarta 20.650936N 105.215231W Map

Nuevo León

Monterrey 25.685535N 100.31115W Map


Oaxaca 17.066013N 96.71705W Map
Salina Cruz 16.186251N 95.192447W Map

Quintana Roo

Cancún 21.147816N 86.834992W Map
Chetumal 18.497690N 88.291138W Map
Cozumel 20.510071N 86.948914W Map

San Luis Potosí

San Luis Potosí 22.151791N 100.980202W Map


Culiacán 24.804113N 107.387892W Map
Los Mochis 25.791637N 108.987305W Map
Mazatlán 23.226746N 106.407551W Map


Ciudad Obregón 27.492199N 109.940706W Map
Guaymas 27.913961N 110.902075W Map
Hermosillo 29.089186N 110.96133W Map
Nogales 31.308564N 110.943449W Map
Puerto Peñasco 31.318068N 113.536687W Map


Villahermosa 17.976290N 92.936783W Map


Tampico 22.224883N 97.850252W Map


Veracruz 19.172717N 96.133269W Map


Mérida 20.979721N 89.615789W Map

Madeira (PRT)

Funchal 32.644798N 16.90967W Map

Martinique (FRA)

Fort-de-France 14.599710N 61.07597W Map


Salem 16.739815N 62.218313W Map

Netherlands Antilles (NLD)

Willemstad 12.103441N 68.933482W Map


Managua 12.147749N 86.271914W Map


Panamá 8.994269N 79.518792W Map


Lisbon 38.727486N 9.148677W Map

Puerto Rico (USA)

San Juan 18.411362N 66.059861W Map

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Basseterre 17.300046N 62.730875W Map

Saint Lucia

Castries 14.000050N 60.98325W Map

Saint Pierre and Miquelon (FRA)

Saint-Pierre 46.787772N 56.196816W Map

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Kingstown 13.203470N 61.265282W Map

Trinidad and Tobago

Port-of-Spain 10.659567N 61.478912W Map

Turks and Caicos Islands (GBR)

Cockburn Town 21.460776N 71.136298W Map



Anchorage 61.191900N 149.762097W Map


Birmingham 33.524755N 86.81274W Map
Dothan 31.227225N 85.407258W Map
Huntsville 34.712341N 86.596296W Map
Mobile 30.679523N 88.10328W Map
Montgomery 32.361538N 86.279118W Map


Fort Smith 35.368691N 94.398737W Map
Jonesboro 35.828067N 90.694048W Map
Little Rock 34.736009N 92.331122W Map


Phoenix 33.448263N 112.073821W Map
Tucson 32.227832N 110.943784W Map


Los Angeles 34.052187N 118.243425W Map
San Diego 32.718834N 117.163841W Map


Denver 39.726287N 104.965486W Map


Hartford 41.762550N 72.688587W Map
New Haven 41.311147N 72.92315W Map

District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)

Washington 38.913611N 77.013222W Map


Dover 39.161921N 75.526755W Map


Daytona Beach 29.207309N 81.0379W Map
Fort Lauderdale 26.135763N 80.14181W Map
Fort Myers 26.631750N 81.857096W Map
Gainesville 29.665245N 82.336097W Map
Jacksonville 30.319406N 81.659999W Map
Key Largo 25.106637N 80.429917W Map
Key West 24.559166N 81.784031W Map
Melbourne 28.115023N 80.631925W Map
Miami 25.787676N 80.224145W Map
Orlando 28.533513N 81.375789W Map
Panama City 30.174451N 85.66448W Map
Pensacola 30.436988N 87.209277W Map
Tallahassee 30.451800N 84.27277W Map
Tampa 27.970898N 82.46464W Map
West Palm Beach 26.709992N 80.064373W Map


Atlanta 33.759506N 84.403176W Map
Brunswick 31.158777N 81.489252W Map
Columbus 32.489608N 84.940422W Map
Macon 32.834839N 83.651672W Map
Savannah 32.050706N 81.103762W Map
Valdosta 30.846661N 83.283101W Map


Hilo, on the island of Hawaii 19.705520N 155.085918W Map
Honolulu, on the island of Oahu 21.308950N 157.826182W Map
Kahului, on the island of Maui 20.881756N 156.467446W Map
Kailua-Kona, on the island of Hawaii 19.649973N 155.994028W Map
Lihue, on the island of Kauai 21.974810N 159.365576W Map


Des Moines 41.590939N 93.620866W Map


Chicago 41.840675N 87.679365W Map
Springfield 39.783250N 89.650373W Map


Evansville 37.977166N 87.550566W Map
Fort Wayne 41.078348N 85.126546W Map
Indianapolis 39.790942N 86.147685W Map


Topeka 39.039200N 95.689508W Map
Wichita 37.688848N 97.336226W Map


Bowling Green 36.981657N 86.444423W Map
Lexington 38.029632N 84.494642W Map
Louisville 38.228870N 85.749534W Map


Alexandria 31.292782N 92.459153W Map
Baton Rouge 30.458090N 91.140229W Map
Lafayette 30.213901N 92.029363W Map
Lake Charles 30.214656N 93.208537W Map
Monroe 32.510343N 92.094895W Map
New Orleans 29.972754N 90.059011W Map
Shreveport 32.468003N 93.771115W Map


Boston 42.321597N 71.089115W Map
New Bedford 41.651803N 70.933705W Map
Springfield 42.112411N 72.547455W Map
Worcester 42.268843N 71.803774W Map


Baltimore 39.307956N 76.617016W Map
Ocean City 38.391526N 75.069712W Map


Bangor 44.810870N 68.783012W Map
Portland 43.665116N 70.269086W Map


Detroit 42.387137N 83.102641W Map


Minneapolis 44.964465N 93.268198W Map


Cape Girardeau 37.309042N 89.546498W Map
Columbia 38.948351N 92.333779W Map
Kansas City 39.076304N 94.555406W Map
Springfield 37.195098N 93.286213W Map
St. Louis 38.627718N 90.242806W Map


Gulfport 30.401641N 89.076169W Map
Jackson 32.320445N 90.204415W Map
Tupelo 34.259585N 88.725885W Map

North Carolina

Asheville 35.579862N 82.55581W Map
Cape Hatteras 35.250535N 75.528818W Map
Charlotte 35.207193N 80.829224W Map
Fayetteville 35.066663N 78.917579W Map
Greensboro 36.079868N 79.819416W Map
Kill Devil Hills 36.025448N 75.670105W Map
Morehead City 34.727700N 76.746748W Map
Ocracoke 35.112687N 75.975895W Map
Raleigh 35.818835N 78.64459W Map
Wilmington 34.223232N 77.912122W Map

North Dakota

Fargo 46.871414N 96.808658W Map


Omaha 41.260482N 96.01299W Map

New Hampshire

Manchester 42.986284N 71.45156W Map

New Jersey

Atlantic City 39.364966N 74.439034W Map
Toms River 39.979270N 74.167512W Map
Trenton 40.221741N 74.756138W Map

New Mexico

Albuquerque 35.110703N 106.609991W Map
Roswell 33.387160N 104.528116W Map

New York

Albany 42.659829N 73.781339W Map
Binghamton 42.102225N 75.911797W Map
Buffalo 42.904657N 78.849405W Map
New York 40.704234N 73.917927W Map
Syracuse 43.046899N 76.144423W Map


Canton 40.804958N 81.375792W Map
Cincinnati 39.136160N 84.503088W Map
Cleveland 41.482301N 81.669718W Map
Columbus 39.989783N 82.99146W Map
Dayton 39.762708N 84.196665W Map
Toledo 41.665682N 83.575337W Map
Youngstown 41.096258N 80.649299W Map


Oklahoma City 35.482309N 97.534994W Map
Tulsa 36.131294N 95.937332W Map


Altoona 40.510720N 78.399758W Map
Erie 42.114507N 80.076213W Map
Philadelphia 39.998012N 75.144793W Map
Pittsburgh 40.441419N 79.977292W Map
Scranton 41.410629N 75.667411W Map

Rhode Island

Providence 41.823550N 71.422132W Map

South Carolina

Charleston 32.789295N 79.986255W Map
Columbia 34.017105N 81.010759W Map
Greenville 34.844313N 82.385428W Map
Hilton Head Island 32.178828N 80.742947W Map
Myrtle Beach 33.704238N 78.875453W Map

South Dakota

Sioux Falls 43.536285N 96.73178W Map


Chattanooga 35.045473N 85.267255W Map
Knoxville 35.972882N 83.942161W Map
Memphis 35.117365N 89.971068W Map
Nashville 36.154838N 86.762141W Map


Abilene 32.446425N 99.745482W Map
Amarillo 35.199252N 101.845163W Map
Austin 30.300474N 97.747247W Map
Beaumont 30.079912N 94.126653W Map
Brownsville 25.930307N 97.484424W Map
Corpus Christi 27.742857N 97.401927W Map
Dallas 32.799528N 96.787166W Map
El Paso 31.790208N 106.423242W Map
Galveston 29.281137N 94.825945W Map
Houston 29.762895N 95.383173W Map
Laredo 27.524445N 99.490593W Map
Lubbock 33.564735N 101.877793W Map
San Antonio 29.451532N 98.512682W Map
Texarkana 33.437170N 94.067394W Map


Norfolk 36.885747N 76.2599W Map
Richmond 37.538346N 77.461507W Map
Roanoke 37.276895N 79.955711W Map
Virginia Beach 36.834498N 76.087179W Map


Burlington 44.484748N 73.223157W Map


Milwaukee 43.052162N 87.95591W Map

West Virginia

Charleston 38.349497N 81.633294W Map
Parkersburg 39.266175N 81.542139W Map

United Kingdom

London 51.508967N 0.126127W Map


Caracas 10.491016N 66.902061W Map

Virgin Islands (USA)

Charlotte Amalie 18.349569N 64.934227W Map

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